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So I was feeling kinda icky, lumpy, and slow, so I decided to change my diet. I read up on a bunch of cleanses, and decided - for better or worse - to make up a cleansing diet and turn my body into a guinea pig.

last week, I stopped eating refined sugar, flour, cheese, and processed foods. Just to see how it would go.

Some observations:

I ate a lot of brown rice, vegetables, tofu, almonds, fruit (not oranges) and drank green tea.

I still had a coffee every morning.

I had a raging headached for 5 of the past 7 days. Sugar withdrawl?

I don't seem to feel hungry without sugar. Could sugar be an appetite stimulant?

My energy levels are strangely even. No afternoon lethargy.

My pants feel looser.

I had two martinis (one dirty, one cranberry) on Friday night and Jamieson's at Joey's party.

When you are fasting, you probably shouldn't drink alchohol. Or exercise. I went swimming and nearly passed out.

I am going to keep doing this for the rest of the week and see how it goes. So far, mmy body is still acting strangely. I don't feel a fabulous burst of energy. I will keep you updated.

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