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Chris' mom is coming to visit this weekend. She will be crashing on our very uncomfortable couch. I wish we had a blow-up mattress for her!

Still no sugar. 11 days. I feel really -er - happy. And even-tempered. But that could be just because I got all my tax stuff together and it is a huge relief.

You know, I don't read enough these days. I have all these scrumptious books, but I haven't finished a novel since The Way the Crow Flies (wonderful, devastating, recommended). I have started Toni Morrison's latest, Love, but I haven't had that afternoon on the couch to really take a bite out.

Chris picked up the new Interpol album this weekend. I like it. Some songs are more of the same. Others are great. Also listening to Arcade Fire: Funeral. Kind of mopey elephant six-ish. I dropped in that elephant six collective reference so that you will think I know more about contemporary music than I do.

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