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Thai Food
I have had a very busy week with no time to chill. Which is why, last night, I ordered Thai food from the sweet people at Flip, Toss, Thai, and watched the OC and the Murdoch Mystery and drooled on the sofa for a bit.

That is the last time I eat Thai Food after 8pm. I had the craziest dreams.

1) I was pregnant and in labour, and this was a complete surprise to everyone, including me, but we were in no hurry to get to the hospital.
2)I won the lottery with three people. We split the money equally, but it turned out that Julia's ex had provided us with the numbers.
We each had our own idea about how to compensate him. I suggested we pay off his student loan and other debts, then give him a stipend. I don't even know what a stipend is.

Ok, not such crazy dreams, but very vivid. This morning, I can still feel the hot chilis in my belly.

Don't ask me how I found this.

KCRW: how cool is that?

Everyone at work is insane today.

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