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good wine, good people
I would like to tell you - and I don't mean to brag or be nauseating - that I have an incredible boyfriend.

I would also like to tell you that I went to the Pixies concert wed night, and while I have resigned myself to being too short to see most concert stages, they sounded so so good. Too bad the venue was in bloody mississauga.

You should know that I got a chance to meet Chris and Becky (who live in Jersey) for the first time. And they some are the cutest, nicest, funniest, and politest people I have ever met through the interweb.

Last night Kiff and I got to have them over for dinner. Unfortunately, I had to work until seven, so Kiff did most of the prep and shopping (how cool is that?).

Elana, Rich, Matt, Emily, and Paul came over too. We ate, drank wine, and talked. These are my favourite kinds of nights.

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