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Tommy Douglas
You are probably thinking: Canadians are weird. I know, I know.
But the CBC decided to exploit our reluctant self-obsession and run the Greatest Canadian of all time contest.

Tommy Douglas (yes, I voted for him) won.
The little guy with the big idea, the champion of civil liberties, the father of health care, the instigator for the charter of rights, and, incidentally, Keifer Sutherland's grandfather/Donald Sutherland's father won.

You can see some clips on him on the fabulous cbc archives site here.

Sadly for Jesse, he only made it to the top 200 with his premise:

The CBC has suggested these distinguished candidates because they are felt to embody noble qualities: Patriotism. Legacy. Pride.

Qualities that the CBC believes make Canada great.
The CBC is wrong.
What makes Canada great is the fact that Canadians don't care about patriotism, legacy, or pride.

These qualities embarrass all good Canadians.

It's not just what makes Canada great, it's what makes for a great Canadian.

No-one could care less than Jesse Brown.

He is our "Greatest Canadian."

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