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trimming the tree
I got sucked into the OC last night as I was waiting for Kiff to get ready to go. There is something horribly transfixing about Peter Gallagher's pouty, chinese-food-chewing parody of a Jewish man. The show is horrible, horrible, even with its Chrismukkah theme of marketable inclusiveness (visit our website to buy these products online).

Last night we went over to Yvonne and Mike's new place to trim their tree. You should know that there is no actual "trimming" involved. Well, you probably already know that it is more of a draping and affixing. But it was plenty lovely, with ancient ornaments and plenty of "wassail".

I quite enjoy parts of this holiday, but at a certain point it is super-saturated. I can't make it through another verse of Good King Wenceslas. I get the nasty urge to mock the holiday, and I know it is unkind to make fun of majorities.

Would it be horrible to say I would gladly trade Santa for Hockey? I hear they are trying to cap his salary, too.

Judah, Jesus, Pagan Earthmother...would someone please intervene and cap my chocolate intake?

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