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My feet are wet. Last night's soft snow has transformed into a crusty slush with the freezing rain.
Sometimes November makes me sad, sometimes December. If feel a bit of the blues sneaking up. Stupid short days.
I wish Dave and Abi were in town. I hope they are in good company in Scotland/France.
I don't think anyone needs me to make them cookies. I don't even particularly like cookies.
I spent an entire streetcar ride investigating people's footwear.
I secretly wished the child in the blinking santa hat singing the jingle bells chorus for 10 minutes would develop laryngitis.
I hate the ipod. I want the ipod.
I think a pda and mp3 player is a good joint technology. For some reason I would not want a pda, mp3, camera, and phone in one.
Kiff and I spent a whole Sunday watching National Geographic's "the planets". Saturn's moon, Titan, is very exciting. It has an atmosphere and a bright point named Xanadu. In the next few days, a probe will be released, dropping into Titan's atmosphere for the very first time. Check out this site
Last night I had a dream that I had a baby named Salvador. I abandoned him to play in a dodgeball tournament.

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