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Giving, Getting, and Showing
We finished the Battlestar Galactica site at work. Check it.

Santa was very kind this year. Christmas morning, my stocking was filled with sweets and nesting pleasures, among them, I got Nigella Lawson's Feast and a Joseph Arthur Cd.

Have you checked out the Amazon Red Cross donation? If you already have an amazon account, it is so easy. I was able to make a donation in a minute's time.

Amazon is doing an amazing job raising money for tsunami victims: they keep your info private, let you donate as little as $5. Last night, the total was around 2 million. This aft. it is almost $5 million. Each little donation is adding up to such a huge difference. And gives you that little shiver of global interconnectedness.

Speaking of interconnectedness, Ran, who is down to seven lives now after the tsunami, had planned to feature me and kiff as his latest installation of 350 Rans. You can bid for the pic on Ebay. (update: Ran and Delian are safely inland, at a good hotel, recovering). He automated the pic to be posted today (you may recognize it) So check it out.

Also, Elana, who knows that I dig a certain photblog, did a little practical joke in my honour. She got Matt of to take a pic of me secretly at work. Only problem is I turned around last minute and foiled the surprise. Take a look!

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