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Do you have the day off?
Cuz I do. On December 31, I joined the Y near my house and yesterday I procrastinated all day (which was good for organizing stuff in my house, but bad for my round belly. I am not sure where it hit home first. Was it reading the story of my friends surviving the tsunami, and realising, in a fit of self-absorbtion, that I probably would not have had the physical strength to survive a natural disaster?

Whatever the reason (add vanity, aging, and a boyfriend who goes running and has more energy than I can match, and a pathetically girly need for help when taking the lids off jam jars etc.) I went to the gym yesterday and used some machines. It felt OK. Even good.The Y meets all my pre-requisites for a gym. No tv's. No music. No one wearing gym clothes more expensive than the average winter coat.

But another confession: I have been bitten by the unholy demon of consumerism, and I can't seem to shake my desire for an ipod (hate it. want it.). Before I go and spend my hard-earned pesos on this gadget, is it worth it? Or am I completely brainwashed into wanting one.

happy new year everyone! And thanks for all the Christmas cards. You know who you are. And you are cute. very cute.

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