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i saw you at the gym yesterday
Does everyone go to the West End Y?

But I didn't get there in time for the cyclefit class because I had to put up some last-minute red cross donation flash movies on our websites.

The embarassing part? Several of us were thanked in a department-wide email for staying late, "Adina (who skipped spinning class to help out)". I am so embarassed.

India is not accepting foreign aid for the disaster, but some terrific local NGO's who send "catalyst" workers to galvanize and organize locals (so that survivors can participate in the relief effort) are accepting donations through the Indian Social Insitute: I got this email from Nirantar, the NGO I worked with In India.

For friends sending donations from abroad, kindly send your contribution through direct remittance to the Indian Social Institute Bank Account. The details are as follows:
Indian Overseas Bank
SB A/c No. 5876 (fc)
Lok Kala Manch Branch
20 Institutional Area
Lodi Road
New Delhi 110003
Swift Code No. 10BAINBBA837
Branch Code 1498

So if you would like to donate specifically to India, this is a way to do it.

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