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That "close door" button on elevators is probably a placebo.

150,000 people - probably more - died in the tsunami.
The fundraising oneupsmanship was weird. And good. I don't think that peer pressure/keeping up with the Joneses is a bad way to raise funds.

Do not forward that email about the blonde toddler . He found his father (alas, not his mother) two days later (as a rule. do not forward an email that request you "forward this to everyone you know")

That Swedish boy who disappeared from the Thai hospital was not sold into the sex trade. He was reunited with his mother.

Hundreds of people affected by the tusnami will be forced into the sex trade. They probably will not be blonde. Relief workers say that sexual violence is a consequence of natural disasters that displace people.

Approximately 3 Million people died last year of Aids. 1/4 of those were children.

It is way easier to raise money for a big fucking wave than an ongoing epidemic that people associate with sex.

The United States has limited its funding for Aids-affected regions, voting, (along with Iran and the Holy See) to promote Abstinence as a viable way to control the Aids epidemic.

Like trying not to speak of death around a mourner, we have been innundated with now-distasteful expressions and water metaphors since the tsunami:

Flood of information. The ebb and flow of disaster. The rising tide of illness. The tidal wave of support.
My cup runneth over.

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