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Is anyone else sick to death of hearing the "Queen of the Skies" (I can't even be bothered to link to her) woman blab on the radio about the "blogger's bill of rights"? There are so many more interesting people who have gotten dooced.

Never blog about work. Never. A bad idea. People always want to read about themselves. It is not you or your inner musings they find fascinating, but themselves, who they will find in even the most seemingly oblique reference.

You can blog about the gym, however. I met Brett a year and a half ago, as a fellow resident of Toronto's west end, we belong to the same Y. He seems to know everyone at the parties, at the gym, and even (as this morning demonstrated) the streetcar. He has taken to introducing me with a characteristic twinkle: "This is Adina. She is a blogger".

Speaking of the gym, Brett wrote how he had lost 50 lbs in the past few years. Since I was a teen, I have fluctuated in the 20 lb zone (and synthetic hormones have played a big part in that), but this is a pretty big transformation. He posted pictures, too.

Kiff and I have been going 4 or 5 times a week. It is a big time commitment, and I don't have much room for any other extra-curricular activities. And I know I am impatient, but I want to see results. So far, I notice I am less jiggly. But I have not really lost weight (and don't tell me about the muscle/ weight thing). I think my problem is eating too much after the gym (I get ravenous), and then going right to bed. Any advice?

But there is only so much you can transform with exercise. As I have noticed at the gym (lordy, i haven't seen this many nudes since the ufizzi gallery in florence), everyone has gorgeous imperfections. Not that I stare. I don't. Nice tush.

Thankfully, that VW suicide bomber ad is hoax. I had a full 20 minutes of righteous indignation before I thought: hey...this is too easy.

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