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Mixed Tape
Kat at work started a mixed cd club. I am listening to my first CD (from Kelly) and it is incredible.

I have not learned so much about music since napster. Mixed tapes were always highly educational. Without them in high school, i would never have heard about the pixies, the cocteau twins, and the cramps. I would still be pasting pics of teen stars on my wall and listening to mister mister.

My mix was called the "funky-ass jew" mix (homage to the beastie boys) and has everything from fischerspooner to manitoba to peaches.

On Kelly's "Special tunes that will melt your face" I am listening to, among 18 other tracks: Such Great Heights (orig. postal service) cover by Iron and Wine, Lars Frederikson's cover of Billy Bragg's Just Because ("just because I dress like kiss/ doesn't make me a communist") and Rancid.

Love the music mix.

If I was a teenager, I would be all over matador records (the same way we directed our worshipful gaze at 4AD when I was a young pup).

I am so glad I don't work at a bank.

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