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You should know that you only need a little little bit of barley for your soup.
It expands like crazy and sucks up all the broth!

I ran and ran a lot last night at the gym until my head felt like it was burning, and my back was soaked with sweat. I generated so much heat, I didn't even need to wear a hat home. The only problem with all this exercise is that it gives me tons of energy that doesn't go away at midnight, so it is hard to fall asleep. I feel great, though.

You know how you can "draft" someone when they are biking, thereby taking advantage of their momentum when you ride directly behind them?
Sometimes, when I run beside someone, I feel like I am "drafting" their energy and it keeps me going. I can't really explain, except it is kind of like a good dancefloor. Does that sound odd?

I need to balance this with yoga. And I need more time to read.

I know I am stating the obvious here, but it is really - uh - wintery.

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