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I am one of those rare people that can not wear earbuds. You know - those in-your ear headphones? They just fall out of my ear. It's not like my ears are exceptionally small, either. My version of ear simply does not support little bits of foam-covered speakers. I have a proprietary model, I guess.

This weekend was a fine one. Saturday Kiff's Dad and his lovely wife came to visit from Kingston for the afternoon. We had some tea at our place and went to Terroni for panini. Love the Terroni. I got to de-mystify the Kiff nickname to them (a name given to chris by a 3-year-old admirer with a speech impediment).

I finally bought an mp3 player. And it is not the ipod. I finally crossed over with the ipod from fetishization to repulsion. I can't explain it, but they have become repugnant with their pervasive white earbuds. I know that to buy one would be the equivalent of finally getting to make out with Johnny Depp. Conspicuous and anti-climatic.

So I got an iriver 1gig. And it is a truly ugly little creature, but it does have fm radio, sound-in, voice recording, and MP3 support and playlists. It does not function that well as a jump-drive (you would have to haul around the usb cable with you). But it runs on AA batteries. And it did not cost me 400 dollars (which is the cost of a new bike, a trip to new york, a sofa, a new digital camera).

One of the reviews said: "Arm band there mostly for girls who like to work out".
And now I am going to be a gym dork with an mp3 player strapped to my arm. What can you do?

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