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Two celebrity points (and two theories)
I believe that someone with deep pockets is paying off the celebrity journalists to make daily reports on the new James Bond. I read the hollywood gossip feeds (it is for *work*, i swear) and every day there is a new: "Orlando Bloom" or "Clive Owen" rumor about who will be cast the new Bond.

How do they get so much coverage out of such a dead franchise? Does anyone care who the new Bond is going to be? Speak up now, if so. (My alternate theory is that the Brits actually still care deeply about 007, and the US gossip-churners are stealing stories from Hello magazine).

Finally, is there a conspiracy among fashion designers to ruin Gwyneth Paltrow's bust line? Have they decided that she has too many other attributes, and they will therefore level out the playing field (or so to speak) by squashing her bosom into ill-fitting sandwichy parcels or capacious princess numbers, or 2003's droopy goth look then run to tip off the worst-dressed list organizers with mercenary glee?

Alternate theory: Or is it a deliberate self-sabotage, like Bush pronouncing Nuke-ular, to make us feel sorry for her and find her more human?

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