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kosher meat just can't be beat
I wrote about this 4 years ago (it is almost my 4-year ponyversary on the robot) but recent talk of summer camp (mixed with blaine's dream of me fake-eating a ham sandwich) brings it all back.

When my folks got divorced, the only daycamp we could afford was the Hasidic Jewish camp where their charitable sensibilities were as finely tuned as the dogma.

I was four years old and too young to be bothered by the indoctrination. I remember the camp fondly, even the snacks that were either sunmaid raisins or roasted almonds in foil packages.

We were taught all sorts of religious songs, but my favourite one was by a guy named Uncle Moishe. It went to the tune of "one little Indian":

All the animals that we eat
must chew their cud and have split feet
but kosher meat just can't be beat
i want kosher meat to eat! So...
Take your ham and take your bacon
i won't eat them
you're mistaken
I'm a Jew and I'm not fakin'
I want Kosher meat to eat!

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