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Weekend Assignment
Look in your local paper and find an event you never go to but always struck your imagination, but it is just not something you normally do. This could be a concert, a gallery, an all-you-can eat buffet, an outdoor movie, a baseball game, a rally....Go to it, then write about it/take pictures.

Drink a big glass of delicious fruit juice then do one hour of exercise.

Call one person you have been meaning to call for ages. Talk and listen and don't clean or knit or surf the web while doing so.

Ask every person who serves you how they are doing, with sincerity. If you can't do that, just smile and say hello to every busdriver, cashier, waiter, etc. you encounter, even if you don't feel like it.

Try to stand on your head (using a wall, if necessary).

Resurrect the art of making out.

Spend one morning reading the paper in your pyjamas, then get up and stretch.

Swim in a pool or dip your feet in a fountain.

Get one thing done you hate to do to the music you love.

Cut your is time.

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