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Cooking and Baking
I have a really hard time cooking and baking all in the same day. To be fair, I am a much better cook than baker. Cooking can be creative - sometimes I cook by colour (I find orange things go well together), other times by scent or texture. On the best days I don't remember the recipe to what I have made because I have been running around like a mad scientist, sniffing and slicing.

Baking, however, has to be so precise. Sure, you can add the odd flourish, but if you don't pay exact attention, you can forget something vital that will sabotage all those hours of kneading and egg separation and careful measurement.

so if I have to bake, it needs to be its own separate day that I devote to detail and precision rather than invention and flourish.

What am I trying to say? Lately I feel that every moment I must switch from cooking to baking. Which means that either my sauce will be bland or my cake will fall.

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