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The season so good they named it twice
It's holiday monday (Canadian Thanksgiving) and I have come in to work. Deadline on Wednesday.

Woke up this morning, saw that grey October sky and felt that odd sobriety you get after months fawning over those perfect warm days. That extra snot that could be either a cold or your lungs responding to arctic air.

Your first crappy day and you don't have to dream of the perfect bikeride (only last weekend on the don trail) or trip to the market to exploit the harvest. You can just exist, read a book, be in your head. It is, oddly, a relief as much I feel sick anticipating at the salt-stained season ahead. At least there is hockey this year.

Talking to G. in Delhi over MSN about the earthquake in Pakistan/India. Apparently Srinigar was not that badly hit. But so much loss elsewhere. He said he turned off the news because he found the coverage insensitive or sensationalistic.

I asked him how India reported on Hurricane Rita. He says it had a huge impact on people. That many have lost faith in the idea of Western development. That even Bangladesh, with its "yearly disaster of sorts" comes off better than the US with its modern infrastructure and economy.

Yesterday I went to world press photography exhibit in BCE place and it shook me to the core. The hardest (though by far the least graphic) were the series of photographs from Beslan school tragedy. Public crying is so strange. I felt my breathing get faster and suddenly I was crying and trying to hide it.

Why do they name storms and hurricanes but not earthquakes?

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