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Lisa in the snow and a holiday party
Last night was the annual homework club xmas. We ate pizza with the kids and played that game where you get the name of a famous person taped to your back and walk around, asking "yes or no" questions to guess your identity.

Awkwardness ensued when two boys found out that they were Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, respectively: "You could adopt children together!" I offered.

Damn, these kids were so cute it could break your heart. A VJ from much music came in to chat with the students and they were thrilled! I would post pics, but I am still not sure if I am allowed put photos of the children online.

Ok, so picture this: A super-short kid walks over to me and looks up, blinking. His eyes are thickly-lashed and magnified by his bifocals: Blink. He is so freakin' cute. Blink.
"Do you know who you are?"
Do I know who I am?
Ah, he meant the name taped to my back!

It was a crazy snowstorm day. Here is Lisa bundled up against the cold. If you look behind her, you will see a dedicated runner. Runners are freaks.

Yesterday I booked the day off work and hung out with Lisa. We lunched at the Red Tea Box, a tea-house that kiff describes as equal parts Prince Edward Island and Japanese.

*I was Storm from X-men

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