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Just saw my Dad. It was OK. He kept trying to see similarities between us, saying things like: "Myra, does she have my teeth?"
A few years ago, I was a nanny for a 5-yr old named Benedict. He was a great, smart and anxious kid with a fixation on dragons.
I would take him to the museum where kids could play medieval dressup and he always wanted to play the dragon. He'd run around blowing imaginary flames on 'knights' and 'princesses' until he got dizzy from all the blowing and had to sit down.
His Kindergarden class had plans to go to the zoo. Benedict talked excitedly for days about seeing the Komodo Dragon. The day for the fieldtrip finally arrived. Benedict was like a kid on Xmas morning. So excited he could barely speak. When I went to pick him up from kindergarden that afternoon, his little brow was all furrowed. He took my hand and we walked for a while before speaking. "So, did you see the Komodo Dragon?"
"It wasn't a dwagon at all! It was just a big lizawd. He didn't do anything! He just sat there!"
It was then I realized that he had been expecting the long-necked fire-breathing variety.
I guess the same could be said for meeting my dad.

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