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Dear smelly person in my cyclefit class,
I hustled a bit early out of work to make it tonight. I have not been able to make a class for a while. I got changed in a whirl, ran upstairs, and lo and behold, there was my favourite bike! Free in the corner, even though the class was 95% full!

I got everything adjusted to my size and hopped on, took a deep breath and smelled....something ripe and all-too-human. This did not bode well, as the class had not begun, and it was too early for pong.

The other bikes filled up, and I resigned myself to sitting next to you, downwind and all. But within moments it was as though I was snuffling the armpit of a nervous sasquatch. I actually double-gagged. I thought about leaving the class, but I was so determined to stick to this hour that i had tried so hard to get to.

Maybe you are allergic to deodorant. Maybe you have no sense of smell. But if you are having a smelly day and you know you are inflicting this on all of us - go wash your pits with handsoap and come back again. Gah.

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