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On friday night, Kiff, his cousin Dawn, and I went to see Bodyworlds 2 at the science centre. We got back late and i was hankering for something to eat that in no way resembled meat. We hopped to the store and got some minestrone soup** to heat up when the phone rang:

Me: Looks long distance. I bet it is a crank call from a happyrobot person:
Is this a crank call from New York?

Stu: Define crank call. Poooooony (in the background. "i love you pony!"). Oh. that is john. He doesn't even know you. We are wasted. And hanging outside the knitting factory before a show. What are you up to tonight.

Me: I went to see dead bodies preserved in plastic.
Stu: Um. Wow. That's weird.

Me: No - it is part science, part art. A really big show by this austrian guy named Gunter von Hagen. My friend described it as "the work of a madman", and she was right. All these sliced and plasticated bodies - you can see the nerves and tendons and organs. It is just wild. I mean, it hardly registers as a dead body. But it does make you think. How we are just meat.*

Stu: (background, someone shouts: Poooony!) I am here with Honky. We are gonna see a show. You should come to New York. We are drunk!
Me: I want to come to New York. And get drunk with all of you.
Stu: Eve and Mina and Kristen are coming in March. You should come too.
Me: maybe I will.

*I didn't really say that, exactly
** the soup sucked. It was hard not to think about the bodies while eating.

Saturday night kiff and I went to Wendy and Joey's lunar Year of the Dog gathering. There were awesome treats to be had (potstickers, dogbone-shaped cookies) and some good folks.

Saturday - saturday was stunning and warm. Lunched with elanamatic and the dude. Went shopping in Kensington Market. Biked around with sun on my face. Winter is very mellow this year.

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