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Whassup, doc?
Have been renting a tonne of movies lately, but documentaries have been making my winter.
Here are a few that stood out:

Why We Fight
All about the military-industrial complex. Interesting stuff. Frightening. Less polemic than you'd expect.

Hip-hop clowns and krumping in South Central LA. You know, initially I thought this doc was a parody of something. The idea of black kids, some of them in white face with a new dance form that has elements that mimic the violence they are exposed in their lives while the filmaker juxtaposes their moves with footage of African tribal frenzy - it just seemed like too perfect a study in cultural theory and semiotics to be real. But it's for real. And I need to stop seeing everything as a study in cultural theory.

Grizzly Man
Dude lived 13 summers with bears before one ate him. I was surprised at how genuinely crazy he was. Nonetheless, Werner Herzog handled his story without making fun of him, occasionally interjecting his own gentle observations.

Docs I still want to see:
The Devil and Daniel Johnston
Unknown White Male

(NB: my co-worker, Chris, has been fuelling my doc appetite with about half of these suggestions. Feel free to recommend more!)

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