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My sense of humour. The silly one. It's busted.

Yesterday morning I finally read Seymour Hersh's article in the New Yorker about how the US administration is tabling the possibility of a nuclear attack on Iran as a means to "save" the Iranians from themselves.

And then last night we rented Darwin's Nightmare. The. Horror.

While I was showering this morning I was listening to The Current talking about the new nuclear threat that is so much worse than the one we grew up with because those in posession of the bombs have no mechanism of diplomacy and no fixed address and the bomb-making has been privatized, due largely to the efforts of a rogue Pakistani scientist....

And I got out of the shower to find out that there was a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. (check out my sister Lisa's photos here). The bomber was 16.

I have been feeling a bit fragile lately. And maybe I need to stop watching the news, tho sometimes it just seems kind of irresponsible to ignore it. Maybe it is April - I looked up the Wasteland to remember what comes after the bit about "the cruelest month" only to realise for the first time that it is possibly more about the easter resurrection than about that odd seasonal malaise.

But really. I have a really silly and absurd sense of humour that I am trying to locate. It is just a bit busted this week.
Please send jokes.

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