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no, miro
we were at this market in tlacalula where they sell everything, including handcrafted rugs with renderings of important works of art.

Kiff pointed to one replica of miro and said, addressing the shopkeeper - Miro!*
and the shopkeeper answered - si, joven, no cuesta nada mirar.

Long travel days, but So Much To See. Donīt want to spend all my time at the interweb cafe, but all is well - we are having a blast. One more day in Oaxaca city and then down to the coast.

Everything in Oaxaca comes smothered in Mole sauce. I am already sick of mole sauce. Got stupid sunburns on the sides of my arms.

Not to sound embracist, but people here seem so much happier. what a cliche. But wooping at music, dancing in the public square. I feel like such a wan foreigner. Lots of mariachi bands preying on gringos. I am really glad for three years of high school spanish.

question to any mexicans in the house (maria?) : Whatīs with the tweety bird motif everywhere? of all looney toons?

*miro means ī"I look" , and the shopkeeper thought chris was insisting that he wasnīt buying, and said, "donīt worry, looking is free".

I keep comparing this place to India. I have to say that it is so much less culture shock. Still plenty of poverty, but less overt. So much easier to be a woman here (tho not sure if that is because kiff is significantly taller than the average mexican male). the pollution in Mexico city was pricklier and less organic elements than India. Mexico does not smell of cow dung.
Also, we stayed in the most wonderfully seedy hotel in zona rosa - seemed to cater to tranny prostitutes. A gorgeous woman chatting with the manager had a full male laugh. but the prostitutes and johns were so polite as they paid their tabs. seedy but not dangerous.

Transportation is so cheap if you donīt take cabs. 20 cents for the subway. 1 dollar for a 1-hr busride. So many more impressions, but we are off for oaxacan hot chcolate.

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