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Good lord it has been a long time since I posted. And really, it's not you, it's me. There is nothing I want to write. Except, maybe that X-Men: Last Stand blew. The bizarrely misogynist 1-liners were the icing on the mediocre cake.

A while ago I was venting about two trailers for movies that deal with 9/11. The first, United 93, looks pretty decent. I don't have an urge to see it, but judging by the trailer, I think its emotional power is in its low-key approach to telling such a hugely emotional and tragic story: "On the day we faced fear," reads the title treatment, "We also found courage".

Then I saw the trailer for Oliver Stone's disaster porn flick, World Trade Centre. Scored with a treacley, bombastic soundtrack, it stars Nicholas Cage as a tough and tender moustachioed cop who must send his unit into the crumbling towers. His second-in-command is played by Michael Pena from Crash who gets trapped with Cage in the debris, and writes I (heart) U on a crumpled piece of paper. "On the Day the World saw Evil," Read the hubristic title treatment, ending with an ambiguous: "Two men saw something else."

Discuss among yourselves.

Oh, and speaking of terror threats, the police rounded up a handful of suspected terrorists in raids this weekend in Toronto. Let's hope the information that lead to these arrests was accurate, and that disaster was prevented. Let's also hope that no innocent people will be have their lives destroyed in this operation under the banner of pre-emption or collateral damage.

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