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Paris pulls a goalie
I worked this weekend at the Much Music Video Awards, though I was far away from the parties. Lots of celebrities with "don't you know who I AM?" attitude showed up, which was pretty funny.

This morning however, still smarting after the Stanley Cup win for the 'Canes, I read even more disturbing hockey-related news (news that, incidentally, I also write up for our website).

The Stanley Cup race may be over, but that doesn't keep the hockey players from scoring. Following the MMMVA's on Sunday, Paris Hilton was seen partying and holding hands with Jose Theodore, goalie for the Colorado Avalanche.

The two left the after-party and headed to Ultra Supper Club, after which they bee-lined to Paris' hotel. Which bugs H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks out of me.

It's not just that Jose is a great goaltender, and, unlike the skanky heiress, has actual talent. Nor is it that Jose just had a baby girl with his longtime girlfriend. ‘though those things are high on my list of irritants.

I think what really annoys me is the appalling cliché of it all. It's that the tabloids are going on about how Paris went to Canada and got it on with a HOCKEY PLAYER. Which is the stereotypical equivalent of going to Spain and having a romp with a bullfighter.

Will someone, somewhere, please do something original?

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