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my rant on celebrities we hear about, could care less about
Enough about Star Jones. I've never even watched "The View", but I still know that she used to be fat, she got someone to vacuum out a bunch of lipids and then she married a gay man. Now she is mad at Barbara Walters for firing her and hiring Rosie. Word.

Tori Spelling. Can I tell you how gross I find Tori Spelling? She's livid that her mother did not call immediately to tell her that her father, Aaron Spelling, had died (Tori heard the news from a friend). I love it when grief gets trumped by anger. Makes it so much more manageable. Then you can get on the cover of US Magazine, days after your father's death, talking about how wronged you were.

Britney cut her hair and died it black after the tabloids mocked her for her dishevelled appearance on Dateline, in which she did her own very bad hair and makeup. You know what I think? I think the girl needs to stop reading her own press.

Kate Hudson. Another actress I dislike for no reason - I just find her persona incredibly annoying. Illustration of point: While promoting her latest film, she told the media that she does striptease shows for her husband to 'keep the bedroom hot'. You know what I think? I think that she gets hot knowing that the world is imagining her doing private stripteases for her husband.

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