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Stuck in the middle (east) again
Could not resist the pun - what is it about dark times that bring out the stupid jokes?

I have been reading quite a bit about Isra-leba-gaza-syr-Ira-bolla but there seems to be so much conflicting information. Sometimes it seem like you need a degree in mideast studies to understand the history and motivations of all parties.

Many of those passionate about the mideast are eager to cast their side as "most victimized" (I don't know what you get as the winner of this competition). For some of us, we see more death and destruction, and without getting into the exact context of the violence, we know from history that it will only radicalize more communities, ultimately begetting more violence.

In the midst of hostility, there are a few voices who are remaining steadfast in their attempts to take the hateful rhetoric out of the observations, the propaganda out of the news, and continously affirm the humanity of all the victims of this war.

My sister Lisa is doing a tremendous job at blogging this conflict from Tel Aviv, where she lives, and she is linking to some other voices (from lebannon, gaza, etc) entangled in this brutal situation.

Today she writes about the picture of the Israeli girls drawing on artillery shells. Yes, THAT picture.
"Photographers look for striking images, and what is more striking than pretty, innocent little girls contrasted with the ugliness of war? The camera shutters clicked away, and I guess those kids must have felt like stars, especially since the diversion came after they'd been alternately bored and terrified as they waited out the shelling in their bomb shelters."

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