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Long weekend
It was a looong weekend all about food and reading.
I have not been to a cottage this year - no one I know seems to own one.
But I do my best to try and create an atmophere of cottagey goodness in the city.

I am reading the 5th Harry Potter "The Order of the Phoenix" (put down Salman Rushdie for the time being). So addictive.

I am also drinking fruity icey shakes, courtesy of local fresh fruit and the new blender/food processor we indulged in. Hey, if I am not going to have alchohol, I might as well have something interesting to toast with.

Maternity bathing suits. Why are you so hideous? If I wanted to cover my round body with large tropical flowers, I would move to Florida, and watch gameshows with your bubbe.

Me, mom, and Kiff went to see Lord of the Rings, The Musical, since our cousin Josh was playing Merry the Hobbit. You know, it was not as bad as they said (keep in mind I hate musicals). And my cousin, of course, was terrif.

Guess how long it has been between writing a freelance article and receiving any definitive news about getting paid: Six Months. Freelancing can be a bit humiliating. Good thing I still have a full-time jobbie.

Anyone hear of a place to rent central-west area (east of dufferin, west of bathurst, south of bloor) let me know. Our familia has got to find a baby-friendly apartment by December.

Right now the baby is the size of an avocado. An avocado sitting on my bladder. cute.

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