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Yesterday I had my "My Toronto Includes" photoshoot with Rannie - we were supposed to pick a place in Toronto that I love. I could not really come up with one specific place, so I chose Chinatown/Kensington Market, the 'hood that both embodies the city and is the antithesis to its clean, organized, stiff reputation. Since I was shopping for some vegetables at Huron and Dundas, Rannie met me there, and took a couple of shots.

We were then joined by Kiff to try out Mother's Dumplings, on Huron, North of Dundas. I love discovering restaurants for the first time in neigbourhoods I think I've exhausted This place in particular was recommended by a couple of "foodie" friends of mine. It is cheap, tasty, and run by sweet and attentive people.

We tried steamed, boiled, and fried dumplings: the steamed tofu, scallion, and noodle dumplings (there were a few good vegetarian options), the fried pork, melon, and shrimp (very tasty and savoury), and the boiled chicken and mushroom dumplings.

The scallion pancake as a starter did not disappoint: crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside and 2 bucks. We also tried the "handmade noodles" in a stewed beef soup, which had a great whole-wheat flour noodles, a mild flavoured broth with five-spice powder hints that kiff did not fancy too much. Sadly, the soup got cool far too quickly, and was abandoned.

We stuffed ourselves and forked out 10 bucks a pop.

The menu also has a some Korean kimchi-influences, among them a cold soup that abi says is a summertime winner. Korean roasted barley tea flows in abundance.

All in all it was a great place, full of character, with plenty of new tastes to explore.

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