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On Boys
I grew up as one of three sisters. We didn't have a consistent "man in the house", as they say. All girls school. All my good friends were girls. I didn't have a boyfriend till university.

I have been dreaming about having a baby girl every since I got pregnant. Most people i know said they have a hunch it will be a girl. I guess we are not psychic.

Last night before the ultrasound, I dreamt that my stomach was opened up and tiny organs removed via a small incision below my diaphragm. They looked like red and white peppermint candies. Or tropical fish from an exotic reef. They were laid on the table for me to look at, then replaced and I was sewn up.

This morning in the lab (Why are so many ultrasound technicians grumpy, dry eastern europeans?), after an hour and a half of poking and prodding of my uterus with a sonographer's wand - it was hard to get a good picture cuz the baby was so active - I was told: "I am almost positive it is a boy".

I called my mom and her first response was: "Do you have any idea how expensive hockey equipment is?"

Maybe he will want to do ballet!

What should I know about little boys?

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