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Baby's big weekend
It was a big weekend in babytown. I was missing going out, and freaking out that I was going to regret not doing it up before the baby comes.

Friday night I worked late at the Toronto International Film Festival Schmooze party. I didn't meet anyone famous, but I did run into old friends who patted the bump and commented on life changes and such.

The huge rainstorm ended just as I left the building, so I walked my bike along Queen Street, past the Black Bull, where some fancy-dressers were lurking, past the Horseshoe, which always looks inviting, past the Cameron House, which i miss, past the Velvet underground and Bovine Sex Club, where there were scads of cheerful, pierced smokers, overhearing more than one conversation about horror movies.

I passed a few solitary folks walking home, puffing thoughtfully on cigarettes, oblivious to their surroundings. I was probably reading into this, but there was such a particular "end of the night blues" quality to those folks, and I imagined the trajectory of the night: the anticipation, the grooming rituals, the arrival at the venue and purchase of expensive drinks that never get you drunk enough to feel comfortable just standing around casually, never mind talking to someone you find attractive. Then the walk home, mulling over impulses, disappointments... Damn these pregnancy hormones are making me crazy.

Saturday, Elana and I went to VFest on the Island. Saw a bit of Amon Tobin, The Dears, Muse (who rocked), Gnarls Barkley, and finally a truncated set of The Flaming Lips, who put on a grand spectacle, only to be shut down early. It was a shame. I think the baby was dancing by the time the music stopped.

Elana at Vfest

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