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Rockin the private pool
First off, my apologies for inconsistent and kinda boring writing. Everything huge that goes on these days blurs into the more private territory that I don't like to announce so much to the interweb. And yes, gentle readers, as gratuitous and exhibitionistic and narcissistic this public journal thing can be, my life is FILLED with stuff that I never write about. Not bad stuff, mind you, just ... stuff.

But I thought I would share one kinda personal thing that I didn't think I would put up cuz I was feeling superstitious. It is a picture of my last ultrasound. And everything they saw is healthy and A-OK. He dances. He sucks his fingers. He does somersalts. And he has all the organs and body parts he will need to survive in the outside world. First, however, he needs to be cooked a little while longer.

Here he is, smiling, I think, and rocking out with his own private pool:

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