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the library
Since i am trying to conserve my pesos for the year of living frugally, I have decided to give up one of my extravagances: buying books.

Worry not! I will still read. See, I have discovered this newfangled technology called The Library. In fact, there is one right across from my house. It does not have a great collection, but here's the thing:

You can go ONLINE, order the book you want, and they call you on the TELEPHONE, telling you your book is in (though they don't tell you which book it is. that is part of the surprise). Then you cross the street, pick it up, show them your card, and boom! You get the book! No money exchanges hands. you can even renew it if you want.

Yesterday I picked up Alan Hollinghurst's "The Line of Beauty" on Kate's recommendation. It came with one of those great plasticy sleeves they give hardcovers. Man. I love the library.

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