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Did anyone ever hear that Lynda Barry spoken word album, where she tells the story of the weird boy in her high school named Beck, who in retrospect, was a true original, and how she pines for him now as an adult, wondering where all the Becks have gone? It's good.

At any rate, last night I saw a different Beck. In fact THE Beck that you are more familiar with. Beck! I was very very lucky to be able to attend this small concert at work. There were less than 200 people there, and Kiff and I were in the second row.

It was a casual, funny jamm session with the band using instruments from forks and bowls to the harmonium. Beck is so wee! He has a babyface, but the physicality of a frail old man. We took the elevator with him and he has the famous-distracted air of Andy Warhol. But when he performs, he can completely inhabit the songs. He is also really funny.

Beck! How awesome was that?

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