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OUch. Got this really sore spot around my solar plexus. Sorry for the occasional litany of complaints, but it seems that the fetus (who is alternately being calling Ace (work), TBD(Mom), Dimebag(work), or Steve is growing up. And by up, I mean that he is pushing my lungs and other organs up or to the side - into strange positions - and for the last few weeks he is causing my poor solar plexus aching discomfort.

I have scoured stores, looking for the softest bras and tanks that won't put any pressure on my sternum, but nothing seems to work. The bruised feeling persists. owie.

Otherwise I feel great. Happy. Round.
Made olives with Sarah and her dad. Drank my first delicious guinness in months. Spent ridiculous amounts of money at Storage Solutions on plastic bins to store all the clothes I can't wear right now. Saw many people at the Dufferin Mall.
Saw "The Queen" (Casino Royale was sold out).
Took Kiff on a date.
9 more weeks till baby. Can't wait to meet him.

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