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recipe for early winter
I am sleeping a ton, but I am still SOOOOO exhausted. Making babies is hard work! Went to the osteopath yesterday who said I have what seems to be a long baby. Which is fine, as long as long as he doesn't have a ginormous cranium.

Everyone seems to have an idea of how I look right now: "You look ready to pop!" is a favourite among the people, along with "You still look small for 8 months". Love those notions. Chris is amazed at the sheer quantities of food I am able to eat lately. At least I am cooking healthy stuff.

Night before last I made the following recipe (altered a bit from one i received in a recipe exchange).

1) Roast pumpikin/butternut squash/sweet potato (or a combination of them) with a bit of olive oil.
2) Fry some stemmed pieces of kale, torn into little pieces, with olive oil and salt until kale starts to crisp. Then add a bit of tamari sauce and lemon juice.
3) get some halloumi cheese (available at middle eastern stores - it is kind of like a salty block of curd) and slice it and fry it in butter or olive oil. Low fat option is to grill it.
4) toast some pumpkin seeds.
5) assemble and eat!

I can still touch my toes, eat spicy food, and walk home from work. Which is good, because it is amazing how people will pretend not to see you when you are standing above them on the streetcar with a massive pregnant gut. But oh, what i would do for a nap right now................

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