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Things that kept me awake last night between 4 and 7 am
Can't breathe through my nose but it is too dry too breathe through my mouth
Baby has the hiccups
We packed my library book
Must call a bunch of people
Can't call them now
Must disconnect phone and internet
That holocaust denial conference in Iran
Those boys shot in Gaza
Pinochet actually got to die of old age
All the news, actually
Another apocalypse dream: wow. a natural disaster would be that much harder to navigate with a baby
Moving on Sunday
Getting boxes
At least 30 people asked me when I was due at the office christmas party. I was forced to hide in the bathroom so as not to lose my shit. If another person asks "when are you due", "Is it a boy or a girl", and suggests that I look "ready to pop" I will bite them and draw blood.
I have been pregnant for every season. This baby is never coming out.
We are having a houseguest too close to my due date. What if I go into labour when he is staying with us? Can I tell him to leave?
Baby has the hiccups

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