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On consumption
I was going to write about the other night at the Drake when I attended the latest flowering of media zeitgeist at the location you love to hate because it is just so articulated. But like many people I am no good with narrative threads these days. (Damn you powerpoint presentations and your assault on our attention spans!) Instead I will list my favourite aspects of that night:

When I hopped on my bike (oh, princess yum-yum, how I have missed you!)
Seeing Sarah
Seeing lots of people I had not seen for ages and only being able to say: "what's new? uh. I had a baby. baby baby baby." God I am boring.
Staying awake till midnight
Noting how preppy button-up shirts untucked are the new vintage T-shirt on men and then feeling all proud of myself for noting that trend.
Finally getting "Turkey in the Straw" out of my head.
Trying to tumble into bed when I got home, removing the teething toys and boyton books from my side of the mattress, and then, just as I was about to drift off getting called by a sleepy snuggly baby for a midnight feed.

Now back to your regularly scheduled baby update:
Gabriel has developed a marvelous laugh. It is like a cackle. You have to work hard for it but when it comes it's amazing.

My mother and I are going to a workshop on introducing solid foods to babies. Seemed like a good thing to do together given the aforementioned obsession with feeding her grandchild.

Speaking of feeding, Gabriel has a tooth already and another on the way. And by tooth, I mean fang. Yes. Sharp. You can imagine. Total wolf baby. The books say you are supposed to make a point when they bite down on your boob by pulling away and saying "no."

G. loves nursing. He kicks out his legs and plays with my necklace and looks up at me so sweetly. I don't want to yell something at him when he is most relaxed. But when the dreaded moment came and the fang bit down, I yelped and said "no!". He pulled away and looked up at me with kitten eyes and then broke a mischievous monkey grin and cackled.

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