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Organization - Getting your sh!t done
Growing up in my family, we were never very organized. There were always big piles of unopened mail, and important documents almost always disappeared. Once a week we had a cleaning lady stack our mail in a tidy pile, shovel out the crap from my room, and make our place liveable, but the disorganization lingered, affecting every corner of our lives, from trips to the grocery store to family vacations.

Over the years I have gone from feeling like a free spirit or creative soul (who risked losing vital free-associating insights through banal routine) to someone who feels like they miss out on some great stuff because they can't always get their shit together.

So I have been collecting tips on how to re-wire my chaos-inducing self, for instance: A few years ago, Joey suggested that as a start, I create files on my desk for visa, phone, etc. and simply open every piece of mail when it comes and stick it in the appropriate file. A simple rule that has made tax time a breeze.

I recently got a copy of Cory's recommendation: "Getting Things Done", and I am making a slow crawl through it. I hope to glean at least a couple of good tips from this.

But I want to know what your most useful organizational tool is, no matter how simple-sounding. Email me at: adinagoldman at g mail dot com subject: organized with your tips and I will post my favourites here next week.


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