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Night Terrors
G's two top teeth have just broken through and I am losing my mind. He has been crying all night for almost two weeks now. I don't know how i am managing to even type this, I am so tired.

I wanted to write about Lisa's visit (so lovely, too short!), how Gabriel has started pronouncing his dadagagamomomadigdigdig consonants. Other monumemtal events.

But I give up on coherent thought for now. The other evening for dinner, Chris and I sat down with a box of crackers and a hunk of cheese and tore at it clumsily, barely making eye contact, not ot mention conversation. We are the undead.

Gabriel is up every 45 minutes with teething. I give him advil. I have tried nursing him on demand. I have tried the pick-up-put-down method for a week now, which works for 45 minutes, but then he is awake again, crying. A while back I tried 2 nights of letting him cry, but I was constitutionally unable to see it through. And then there is consistency that all the books insist upon, and my big fear that I am just messing him up by not sticking ot one thing.

My neighbours say that their daughter only slept through the night at 11.5 months old. Gah!

Might be Stockholm Syndrome, but Gabriel keeps getting cuter.

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