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Scaaary germy sneezy scratchy pinchy
G is out of sorts today. His gums are puffy from teething, drool is pooling on his lower lip and cascading down his shirt,his nose is constantly oozing translucent goo that ends up in ribbons, smeared across my clothes.

I never get sick, but G and I have been exchanging varieties of colds for more than a month now, with no sign of letting up. The hacking cough. The snotty sneezer. The tickly throat-sore tonsil-everything tastes like ass cold.

Apparently daycare will only make it worse, bringing home a whole array of germs from a pool of toddlers who will dig into their noses, touch a dog's bum, crawl through the sandbox, then stick a fist into your mouth to say hello.

Dangerous business, this whole caring for a mobile, curious guy. He has real energy to burn and he does not know his own strength. I am covered in scratches and bruises in such proliferation, I look like someone you should ask: "Are you safe at home?"

Tomorrow is Hallowe'en. I will be making bloody mary's and GHOUL-ash and handing out candies with some near and dears. I plan to dress up as a me, looking after G. (dressed like a skunk). Scaaaaary.

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