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Swami says....Ah...I forget
I go to yoga class these days more than usual. I have to beat the winter funk.

Something about returning to work and having no money, never enough time to do anything for yourself or to spend with those you love. And getting puked on 5 days out of seven (he is better now). The cabin fever from having to stay indoors with a toddler during the heaviest snowfalls in recent memory.   It kinda kills the giveadamn.

I shook a pale fist when I read this article, but I think the Tories are counting on winter malaise in order to pass the more offensive bills.  But Damn! Read that. I wrote a whole post about it in my head, but my aforementioned giveadamn - she's in the shop.

So, yoga. I only ever go to one teacher. I am loyal that way. Today elana came with me. My yoga teacher often quotes the guru she studies, saying things like "yoga is important, but it's not serious" and "guru says we store negative feelings in our lower backs."  She also says funny things, like: "You look like what you love. Which is why so many people look like their dogs".

But it has been a hard winter for all of us. The other day, as we were teetering in balance postures, she said: "Swami says...ah...I forget."

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