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Didja Vote?
The most common question around these parts, other than "How was your Turkey?" is "Did you Vote Today?"
Well, didja?

Crazy stuff this election. Somehow I ended up with two signs for 2 diff partes on my front fence. They are huge. I will be happy to see them go down.

Did you hear that some wingnut  cut brake cables in the cars of Liberal supporters? I never thought Canadian politics could warrant that kind of crazed passion! Thankfully, no one was hurt.

It looks like we will have another minority gov't, too, but with the New Economy, I think that Canadians will be pretty pissed off it the lame-o house of commons doesn't get their shit together and work well together. We need the MP's to stop their peurile posturing and to actually collaborate on keeping us afloat!

It has been really hard to focus on Canadian politics with the US election going on. As an outsider, I have to say that the GOP  has the smear/distortion thing down pat.

Seriously, the Bill Ayers thing?

And the fact that Ayers is getting more mileage than the Keating 5? isn't defrauding old people of their life savings a kind of terrorism?

I read a bit and saw the documentary on the Weather Underground. Really interesting stuff  -  the 70's was a crazy time. Watch it if you can.

And I want to phrase this in a more sophisticated way, but I have to get back to work - obviously they are trying to do the Obama=+ "terrorist" connection = obama is a secret muslim terrorist. I am terrified that certain suggestible people are being baited to try and do something violent. I have had bad dreams about this. It terrifies me.

Anyway, shouldn't we be talking about the economy?

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