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O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'
I had the great honour of attending the wedding of my old friend Cory Doctorow and his perfect and frabjous bride, Alice Taylor on Sunday night. 

I know I like to rag a lot about marriage, but I do love me a wedding, especially one that transcends convention, and speaks about the people who are making their vows.

The couple chose a Alice and Wonderland/Haunted Mansion theme and suggested that we dress vintagey/halloweeny. The guests did not disappoint - all arrived at Casa Loma dressed in their old timey finest -- I think I counted five top hats! - to greet the bride (Alice dressed as her Wonderland namesake) andn groom (Cory dressed as the Mad Hatter).

The officiant was a magician, who solemnly recited The Jabberwocky.  The couple then recited their vows (could I please read those at some point?).  Kate and I got weepy - thankfully she always has a handbag with tissues. 

Witnessing two people so beautifully matched describe their love for each other  - it's a bit like looking at the sun - you almost have to look away.

There was a burst of flame from the magician and two rings were produced. 

As Joey wrote: "It was a little bit magic show, a little bit Alice in Wonderland, a little bit steampunk and a whole lot of fun"

Hooray for love! Callooh! Callay!

Below: Me and Kiff before the wedding
chris and adina before the wedding

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