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But I won't be down always
I have been a bit obsessed with last week's carnage in Mumbai. I don't know why, out of all the horrific events that get news coverage, this one has been playing in my head on constant rotation.

Maybe it is because I have been to Mumbai. Perhaps it is because one of the targets is where I had a frightening New Year's Eve six years ago, and that memory of fear has been rekindled.

Some news stories hit you in the kishkes, and it is as though you were there. Despite the awful feeling, I wish all stories made us feel so interrelated.

I got this from The Thoughtful Dresser Blog (who quoted George Szirtes) :
"People who deliberately focus on civilians are simply murderers. If they do so for a political purpose they are terrorists and murderers. Not militants. Not an army. They are murderers with a vastly inflated opinion of their own honour and righteousness. Which also makes them hypocrites."

What kind of ideologically bankrupt people think it 's a good idea to murder innocent civilians? Last night, John Oliver of the Daily show kind of coined it perfectly: "There have always been motherf*ckers. There will always be motherf*ckers. But what we can't do is let them control our motherf*cking lives".

A little song for you.

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