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Thursdays and Impressing Boys
I was always late for school on Thursdays, then I'd fall asleep in class all day.

This was because of Wednesday nights.

Wednesday nights I would sneak out through the basement to go out dancing at a club with that hosted Psychedelic Wednesdays.

The DJ would pump out Led Zeppelin, Cream, Deep Purple, Santana and the odd one-off like Tommy James and The Shondells' "Crimson and Clover" or Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots". You know the playlist

I never dressed up for these nights - I think tmy standard uniform when i was NOT in uniform was leggings, combat boots and some kind of baggy T-Shirt dress. My friends and I would dance until last call. We were too broke to get drunk. Maybe we got a bottle of black label at the bar,

We rarely let someone buy us drinks. We weren't there to pick up, but to dance.

There was a part of me that wanted to be super-thin at the time, as I was certain that no boy would find my soft self attractive, so I decided to join weight watchers and slim down. It was all "half a cup of lowfat cottage cheese" bullshit, but I tried it out regardless.

Shortly into my calorie-counting tenure, my friend asked me to go dancing with her on a Friday night. Same club, but I think it was bad house music night, and since i knew the bouncers from Wednesday, I knew we would get in. Well there was my Wednesday Night refuge, but instead of 2nd generation hippies, there were these dudes in shiny shirts and girls with tight pony tails and big hoop earrings.

People were kind of dirty dancing and checking each other out. My friend was doing her sexy flirty schtick and chatting up a cop who was totally diggign her (bet he didn't know she was 17), and I was bored, irritated at the music, and all of this was exacerbated by hunger  from my reduced calorie diet. So stupid. Why was I starving so that I could impress stupid guys, I thought, suddenly.

I abandoned my friend, came home, opened the fridge, and ate a huge piece of apple crumble. And then another. And went to my room and put on the Pixies. And I felt much better.

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